Energy Generation


Installed Capacity


Chameliya Hydropower is located in Shikar Darchula District in Nepal. It is one of the Run-of River hydroelectric plants in Nepal. The Chameliya Nadi water is the primary source of this plant. The government of Nepal and the Republic of Korea has funded NRs worth. 110 Million on work duration from July 2007 - December 2019. Currently, It is generating 30 MW in 103.7 m basic and discharging 36 cubic meters per second. The project has a clear vision to produce an average of 184.2 GWh annually. The main objective of implementing this project is to provide technical support and supervision for upcoming civil engineers. The Run-of River water is stored in an 835 km2 area. Chameliya Hydropower has a 4067m long water tunnel to descend the water to rotate the turbine. The project was previously assigned to begin construction in 2007, but its actual work started only in 2008. The project mission was to complete construction by the end of 2011. However, work was delayed being completed because there were unclear mechanisms between NEA and the contractors. After seeing the inconsistency of workers, there was a hurdle from the Nepal Government in 2014 because it refused to pay Rs1.09 billion to Chinese contractors. Contractors resumed work to complete after a clear communication with the Energy Ministry in Nepal, and they accomplished the contract in 2016. Finally, hydropower started to generate electricity, and both of its turbines are in use.

Salient Features

Hydrology ( Intake )

Catchment Area 835 km2
Design Discharge 36 cumecs


Power House Semi-underground


Headrace Tunnel – Length 4067m
Penstock – Length 383.64m
Penstock -Diameter 3.7m
Surge Tank Restricted orifice


Type Vertical Shaft francis
Number of Units 2

Application for Survey License


Survey License Approved


Application for Generation License


Under Construction