Energy Generation


Installed Capacity


Modikhola Hydropower Station is run of river and is located at Dimuwa, Parbat having installed capacity of 14.8 MW and annual design generation of 92.5 GWh. It was commissioned in 2000 AD and developed in assistance from EDCF (Korea), Government of Nepal and NEA at a cost of USD 30 million. The performance of the plant is largely unsatisfactory during rainy season compared to other identical hydropower stations in spite of being a relatively new plant. Modi Khola has a high content of abrasive sediments. Due to reported sub-optimal design of the headworks, the existing sediment handling facilities are inadequately prompting intrusion of abrasive sediments into turbines and thereby eroding turbines, butterfly valves, and wicket gates along with other allied facilities such as combined bearing coolers. The station also lacks adequate spare parts to carry out the repair and maintenance works. The ongoing rehabilitation project is expected to address these problems. The cumulative generation of the station has now reached 610.41 GWh till 2011/12 from its first run. The station has generated 59.96 GWh in FY 2010/11 and 34.61 GWh in FY 2011/12 with a decrease of 42.28%. The generation from the station contributed 0.83% of the total energy in the INPS in 2011/12.

Salient Features

Hydrology ( Intake )

Catchment Area 510 km2
Maximum Net Head 66.96m
Average Annual Flow 25 m3/s


Total Length of Waterways 61.0 m (canal), 2071 m (tunnel)


Type Francis
Number of Units 2
Rated Discharge 12.5 m3/s
Rated Output 7.6 MW


Rated Capacity 8260 kVA
Power Factor 0.9

Application for Survey License


Survey License Approved


Application for Generation License


Under Construction