Energy Generation


Installed Capacity


Sunkoshi Hydropower station, located at 81 km east from Kathmandu, in Sindhupalchowk district, is a run-of-river daily pondage power station with an installed capacity of 10.05 MW and annual design generation of 70 GWh. This station has 3 units of 3.35 MW each. The powerhouse was commissioned in January 1972 with a friendly cooperation of the Water Conservancy and Electric Power Ministry of the People’s Republic of China and Government of Nepal. The cost of the project was approximately NRs. 109.4 million including transmission line up to Kathmandu. The cumulative generation of the station has reached 2,027.46 GWh in 2011/12 from the first run. The station has generated 60.36 GWh in FY 2010/11 and 66.38 GWh in FY 2011/12 with an increase of 9.99%. The station has a share of 1.59% of the total energy in the INPS in 2011/12. The power station has continuously performed well augmented by favorable hydrological condition and prudent operating practices. The station went on to put a record generation of 66.38 GWh in 2011/12. The rehabilitation of switchgear and protection system along with the governor and excitation system carried out few years back has significantly reduced the outage hours in recent years.

Salient Features

Hydrology ( Intake )

Design Discharge 39.9 m3/s
Length of Canal 2.653 km


Penstock-Diameter 2.54 m


Type Verticall Francis
Number of Units 3
Rated Capacity 3.5MW


Rated Capacity 4MVA
Power Factor 0.85

Application for Survey License


Survey License Approved


Application for Generation License


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